Play Area Flooring Specification in Barleythorpe

Play Area Flooring Specification in Barleythorpe

We are able to alter our play area flooring specification to meet individual needs and requirements, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

EPDM Rubber Surface Spec in Barleythorpe

EPDM Rubber Surface Spec in Barleythorpe

Our EPDM rubber surface spec can vary in depths depending on your existing surface and the height of play equipment within the area.

Bonded Mulch Design in Barleythorpe

Bonded Mulch Design in Barleythorpe

The bonded mulch design can be altered to meet your requirements. For example we have a range of colours for you to choose from including natural brown and green.

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Play Area Flooring Specification in Barleythorpe

A number of things can alter the play area flooring specification in Barleythorpe LE15 7 and it is important that you are aware of the different types or surfaces. As professional playground safety surface installers, we can adapt specific specs to meet your needs. If you have a particular play area flooring specification which you'd like installed at your school we are happy to talk you through the installation process and the options available. The most popular play surfaces which we install include rubber mulch and EPDM wetpour. The specifications of these products can be altered to suit different Critical Fall Heights, area sizes and designs. For additional information on our play area flooring specification, please complete the contact form available.


If you'd like more information regarding the play area flooring specification that we can offer, please get in touch with one of our professional using the enquiry form presented on this page. We shall get back to you as soon as possible with all the details you need. 

Playground Surface Spec

We have a wide variety of floor specification types in which we are able to create designed for playground safety areas which includes wet pour, rubber mulch as well as grass mats. The different types of surfacing we install are analysed to fulfil Critical Fall Height recommendations for the play-area equipment in the area to make sure optimum safeguards for children. The recreation space floor specs are produced to be permeable so they can be used in all weather conditions because water moves within all of them easily.

The surfaces can also be used for MUGA facilities. To learn more about MUGA construction, please click here Our team can offer details on the surfaces that can be used for playground MUGAs and more

Various playgrounds have got a wetpour flooring spec installed, the specification consists of two layers with an absorbing impact base and typically as well as a vibrant wearing course. Meant for play areas which need a more natural visual appearance, the rubber mulch is often installed to accommodate the environment. Turf mats can be installed over an existing surface therefore the normal lawn is able to develop through. For more information on the playground surface spec, make certain to contact our team.

Wetpour Surface Spec Near Me

Our most popular spec we have on the marketplace is EPDM rubber surfacing. The wetpour surface spec is actually a rubberised flooring that is similar to macadam. This particular surface spec is far less hazardous than macadam since it’s a whole lot smoother as well as spongy underfoot that means trips and accidents will not contribute to so many personal injuries. This means that colleges, nurseries and play-areas nationwide will be employing this great product. We provide an enormous array of different services in Barleythorpe LE15 7 within the wet pour industry, causing us to be a one stop find all of your flooring requirements. Obviously the installment service is the major one.

How does Wetpour Work?

The flooring is created as part of a 2 layer method, the 1st level in the process is the SRB shock cushion. This kind of layer should make sure that the facility will be even better for the children which might be utilizing it. The top level in the surface will be the EPDM rubberized crumb; this really is placed above of the shock pad to complete this product. These products are available in a selection of colours to make sure you get the best style for an individual. The surface can be fitted with image inserts, they are meant to maintain kids entertained which educating these individuals valuable skills and encouraging thinking. Each client has complete control over the appearance of the facility. The thickness of the wetpour surface spec is dependent on the Critical Fall Height required. The CFH is determined by the existing surface and the height of any equipment which will be within the facility. We can then adapt our playground flooring specification to meet your CFH and ensure the children are safe. 

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This surfacing is designed to be entirely porous, meaning that water may pass through the tiny holes inside the surfacing to avoid any water-logging. Routine maintenance helps keep these kind of qualities in check, since dirt and also contaminations block the pores stopping fluids from having the ability to slide through. This might lead to flooding throughout wet seasons, making the surfacing unusable. This could make the establishment hazardous as it might result in slips and falls. Should you be far too late with regard to servicing, do not worry as repair expert services are offered also.

Playground Mulch Specifications in Barleythorpe

A lot of play surfaces are constructed with bound rubber mulch, it is a product made with reprocessed tyres. The tyres are crumbled to generate rubberised chippings, the same as the look of wooden bark pieces. For more information on rubber mulch please click here Our team local to you and in surrounding areas, will then combine the chips with binder and place it out on top of the specific surface. It is typically applied in kids' playing facilities, in addition to tracks and walking lanes in public places. Much like wet pour, the glued rubberized mulch may be applied in an assortment of depths. The Critical Fall Height of your playground equipment will determine which specification of surfacing is required. The checks are carried out to British Safety Standards. Features like nearby climbing frames and activity tracks often have play bark flooring applied in the surrounding areas. It produces a natural look which corresponds with woodland themed locations, along with making the floor impact absorbing.

We're able to apply the playground mulch specifications upon surfaces like stone and tarmacadam as it’s incredibly adaptable. The system is great for playground surfaces local to you in Barleythorpe LE15 7 and in surrounding areas which may have muddy areas that become hazardous in wet weather. Because the rubberised shred specification is adaptable, it is very easy to mould into designs and contour around apparatus. We won’t need to set up any ground works so we are prepared to provide very good prices to accommodate each client. We are prepared to provide you with a reasonably priced quote to undertake this type of project.

Play Area Variations

There are a number of play area variations. We are able to alter our playground mulch specifications by offering various colour choices for play area bonded bark. Essentially the most regularly preferred designs are brown and green since these are more in-keeping with wooded spaces. For those who wanted a more blended look, the colours may be blended to supply a far more distinct look. Every single client near me can pick a bespoke specification that accommodates your budget and what you need.

You may also be interested in having another type of natural looking area installed. Artificial grass is a natural appearing surface, which is great for play areas. Learn more about artificial grass here We can include a shockpad beneath the surface to meet certain CFH requirements if necessary, so please do not hesitate to get in touch regarding artificial grass for play areas.

Rubber Mulch Installers Near Me

This impact absorbing surfacing is built to be durable and strong, even with heavy use facilities. For facilities which are regularly used by small children, this specification offers a durable and sturdy option. The bark which are rubber mulch installers use helps to boost playing area health and safety for kids of every age group. The specification is typically used to lessen injuries from falling over when kids are using apparatus and structures. However it is additionally a terrific decorative landscaping surfacing alternative for wooded areas or low maintenance paths.


Our rubber mulch installers can complete the installation in a number of areas. Local parks and leisure areas closest to you will often get the rubber bark flooring installed to produce a comfortable walkway through bushes and muddy areas. These may be used for golf course walkways along with other exterior facilities to protect people’s muscles when walking around. The surfacing requires low upkeep therefore regular cleaning will keep it totally free of litter. This will prevent any rubbish from getting stuck within the pores and producing contamination and puddles. To help keep the flooring safe, it's vital to keep it as fresh as possible because this prevents harm. If you are interested in having rubber play bark installed in Barleythorpe or you would like to find out more about our playground surface specifications, please make sure you fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a helpful and informative response.

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