Playground Surfacing Repairs in Braddocks Hay

Playground Surfacing Repairs in Braddocks Hay

We can carry out playground surfacing repairs to make improvements to your existing surface and fix any problems which may have occurred due to general wear and tear.

Repairing Children's Play Areas in Braddocks Hay

Repairing Children's Play Areas in Braddocks Hay

Our company carry out a number of services as well as installation including repairing children's play areas around the UK.

Wetpour Perimeter Repair in Braddocks Hay

Wetpour Perimeter Repair in Braddocks Hay

Perimeter shrinking is common with wetpour. We carry out wetpour perimeter repairs in the colour of your choice to suit your preferences.

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Playground Surface Repairs in Braddocks Hay

Our professional installers are able to carry out playground surface repairs in Braddocks Hay ST8 6 to fix any damages on your existing surface and improve the local play area facility.

With time playground surfaces will undergo general wear and tear, which may call for professional repairs like a perimeter fix or crack filling. You may also come across wet pour repair kits which are available for you to buy and complete the repairs yourself. By carrying out routine maintenance you may reduce the need for repairs and keep your flooring in great condition.

For more information on our company, make sure to have a look at this page Regular inspections are also advised to check for damages - the earlier you find problems with the surfacing the less expensive it will be to repair. 

Another reason to carry out inspections on your surface is to ensure the surface still meets critical fall height requirements and it is safe for children.


We are able to complete playground surfacing repairs for a number of different surfacing types including wetpour and bonded rubber mulch. For more information on the fixes and repairs which we can carry out, please fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Reactive Maintenance Services Near Me

Each of our specialised workforce can complete tests, reactive maintenance services and playground surfacing repairs to keep the area dependable and without dirt. To reduce the need for any sort of significant repairs and maintenance, we will suggest highly a regular cleansing schedule.

Atmospheric conditions can cause damage to your surface and surrounding area. To ensure the surface remains safe, we recommend repair as soon as possible.

The expenses to cleanse and mend a recreational area exterior will differ in accordance with the form of the existing surfaces and then for any impairment it's suffered. Please note, we would not be able to repair loose fill surfaces.

Debris, undesirable weeds as well as other dirt may result in contaminants of EPDM surfacing; therefore it's well-advised that you simply dispose of this at once to ensure the drain structure will not likely come to be blocked.

For more details on wetpour safety surfacing, please click here Frequently offering the flooring a delicate pressure rinse could well be enough to avoid contaminants.

Damaged Surfaces Response in Braddocks Hay

If a playground surfacing does get damaged reactive maintenance services should be taken promptly to lower costlier servicing. Markings and also stains because of specific things like gum can be taken off easily if they are found promptly.

In order to avoid trip hazards, we recommend having patch repairs to minor damage or resurfacing larger damages straight away. Sometimes, the base rubber does not need to be replaced and we can simply overlay the wearing course. 

Children can grab rubberized mulch that is loosened which may result in additional problems to the area; in these cases it is essential that you get this rubber mulch re-loaded. Just as, grass mats may be loose and become a falling risk to safety once they lift up, which means they have to be mended as soon as possible.

Cracks inside wetpour surfacing may occur after some time, if you've got little problems similar to this, you may purchase a diy package in Braddocks Hay ST8 6 and then perform the wet pour repairs yourself.

Rubber Mulch Repair

You may have things like climbing structures, roundabouts, furniture and monkey bars, and we may accommodate all these when installing and repairing rubberised mulch. Rubber bound bark is wonderful as it is entirely porous.

Due to the porosity, rain water can certainly pass through the surfacing and this also stops it accumulating and producing flooding. The rubber mulch then needs very little upkeep since dirt and rain water will not develop on the top.

To maintain the porous properties of rubber mulch you will need to carry out some maintenance. Cleaning the surfacing regularly will help to remove dirt meaning that the pores will not get blocked and water can continue to drain through easily.

The material is perfectly attached with the polyurethane resin binder to ensure you won’t lose any particles. If you've got had your surfacing for a long time and you start to notice rips or tear, rubber mulch repair is required. Its possible to repair the rips easily so that your rubber surface is safe again.

It is important to get the damages fixed early on to reduce more costly repairs and also to keep young people safe. If rubberised bark becomes loose, young children may put it in their mouths which could be toxic or cause them to choke.

Our own bonded play bark is specially engineered with resilient strength and durability. Even with nearby play surfaces which are used a lot, the bonded mulch floor specification is protected from harm and wear. Bonded bark is perfect for flexible and durable paths which get a great deal of traffic.

Regular cleaning really should be adequate to keep the floor specification free from debris and rubbish. The upkeep can then stop dirt from getting stuck in the gaps within the surface.

To help keep the surfacing safe, you should try to ensure that it stays as clean as possible because this prevents problems. If you'd like more information regarding the rubber mulch repair 

Fixing Wetpour Surfaces in Braddocks Hay

Routine maintenance along with tests and wet pour repairs can also be completed by all of our experts to maintain your recreational space risk-free also in top condition. To lessen the need for any sort of important maintenance tasks, we'd highly recommend a regular clean-up schedule on your wet pour surface.

The expense to clean up and maintain some sort of play-area surfacing changes depending on the condition for the surfaces, also any damage it's suffered.

It's important to look at the wet pour surface for contaminants, weed growth and even dirt and take away all of these right away to prevent floors from being filled as well as contaminated.


Contaminants are often stopped through cleaning the rubber surface routinely, for example a soft power clean. Fixing wet pour surfaces is vital if the safety surface does get damaged. If you wait too long, repairing the affected area could become higher in price.

Markings and stains caused by things such as gum can be taken off quite easily if and when they are seen quickly. With things such as holes from play equipment removal, we can offer patch repairs. 

Designed for small areas of damage to the wet pour surfaces, we are able to offer wetpour repair kits which allow you to fill splits and localised problems yourself.

DIY Wetpour Repair Kits Near Me

A wetpour play facility can begin to get smaller all-around the surrounding areas as time passes. This may lead to the perimeter diminishing from the border, creating breaks around the outside of the play area.

This is harmful for children since they could possibly fall when using the surface Also without addressing the problems promptly it can result in more serious issues happening making fixes a lot more costly. We provide a restoration service in Braddocks Hay ST8 6 so we can come to site and then fill up the holes with more binder and EPDM rubber granules.

If you want to do it yourself, we can easily sell you a Do it yourself wetpour repair kit that contains rubber and also binder. It’d certainly be a good plan to have a large amount of the wet pour repair kits stored away in order to sort out any dilemma effectively.

DIY repair kits are available in a range of colours to fix your soft surface the way you want. Whether you require the same colour or a different colour, we have it all. 

To stop these problems arising, generating an upkeep scheme is absolutely vital. These kinds of strategies greatly improve the overall quality of the space as time goes by.

Servicing will furthermore make certain that the item life of your facility is going to be lengthened. We can in addition set up the edge in an alternative colour to provide the facility with a coloured border. 

You will also need to think about the repairs for artificial grass. To learn more about artificial grass please click here Our team can offer a number of services and can provide details on what maintenance needs to be done. 

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