Rubber Mulch Safety Flooring in Barton Gate

Rubber Mulch Safety Flooring in Barton Gate

For children's play areas, bonded mulch is a fantastic flooring option that we can install to add safety qualities as well as a natural appearance.

Bonded Bark Installers in Barton Gate

Bonded Bark Installers in Barton Gate

The shredded rubber flooring is perfect for kids' playgrounds as well as walkways in public areas as it is impact absorbing and resistant to damage as well as being versatile.

Bonded Rubber Mulch in Barton Gate

Bonded Rubber Mulch in Barton Gate

Bonded rubber mulch can be installed in parks and woodlands areas to create a safe flooring for children to play upon.

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Rubber Mulch Safety Flooring in Barton Gate

As expert installers of rubber mulch safety flooring in Barton Gate EX31 4 we have completed many projects with schools and local communities.

This is a premium surface type which is ideal for use in playgrounds and recreational areas, particularly where there is equipment present.

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This kind of protective surfacing is produced from reused truck tyres. The material is crumbled to generate smaller sized fragments which have a similar look and feel to wooden bark.

We will blend these pieces with glue and lay them out on top of the specific surface. Children’s play area facilities along with other outdoor places may have this specific surfacing installed for a variety of benefits.

The surface can also be installed for the schools daily mile. For details on the daily mile please click here Our professional team can offer great prices and information on the benefits of these tracks.

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A member of our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible and will give you more details on the services we provide.

Play Bark Specification

Just like wetpour, our bound mulch may be set up in numerous thicknesses. The CFH of your play area features will determine which specification of play-bark should be used.

The checks are completed to British Safety Standards. Different features such as play equipment and slides can occasionally get the rubber safety flooring laid around them.

The surface gives a natural visual appearance to accommodate a current rural design, but will also provide the crucial health and safety features.

The play bark specification can vary depending on a number of factors including any play equipment in the play-area. If you would like to find out more about the different surface specifcations, click here Here you can see the specification of various surfaces.

Bonded Mulch Installation Near Me

Rubber bonded shred safe surfacing carries a strong benefit and that is it's able to be laid directly on to your lawn and without having edging. It is suitable for surfaces that get dirty and water logged through wet conditions.

The flexibleness with this surface means it can be very easily put on spots which have features already installed. This then means it provides impact absorption when children are climbing on equipment or running around.

While there is no need to install ground works, the prices with this design come at excellent value. We can supply you with a quote that's affordable and features everything you need.

We offer many design choices for play area rubber bark. Lots of clients want to install green and brown as these colours match with rustic looking surrounding areas characteristics.

We could blend the red and green mulch to develop a more intriguing specification if this is what you want. Every single client can select a unique specification that fits the budget and what they need.

If you're looking for bonded mulch installation for your NEAP area our team can also offer advice for the area as a whole. You can learn more about NEAP areas here 

A NEAP is a neighbourhood equipped area for play and they are common around areas near flats and apartments.

What is Recycled Rubber Mulch?

Recycled rubber mulch bark is very useful as it is totally permeable. As of this rain water will be able to absorb into the floor rather than pooling onto the floor.

This enables the area to have minimum upkeep all through the year which is cost effective, and it can be used continuously. If you’re looking for an alternative solution to solid wood bark, this is a fantastic choice as it’s ideal for all weather conditions.

Smaller pieces will not end up being lost from the surfacing because it's all completely stuck in place using the specialist binder. For spaces with established furniture and equipment, we can easily mould the rubberised floor to match with them.

You could have features like jungle gyms, swingsets, tables and slides, and we may work around all these.

Safe Play Area Surfaces in Barton Gate

This playground surfacing in Barton Gate, offers an exceptionally strong safety surface type that holds up well in busy play areas. Even in play areas that happen to be used frequently, the rubber bark floor specification is resistant to harm and wear.

The shock absorbent qualities produce greater safety properties for children. The surfacing has been normally made as an impact absorbent floor type under play area apparatus.

Also, it's fantastic as a decorative pathway flooring system for open nearby public areas such as recreational areas.


If you've got any of these safe play area surfaces installed and they have become unsafe. We recommend having them repaired straight away. To learn more about the repairs we can carry out, please click here 

Our professional team can provide details on what repair work would be needed depending on your individual situation.

Parks and Pathways Near Me

Local public parks and leisure areas closest to you in Barton Gate EX31 4, will quite often have the rubber mulch safety flooring put down to make a bouncy pathway among bushes and grass spaces.

A lot of establishments like golf courses get this particular floor specification put in so that people can navigate across the facility easily. When considering servicing for bonded mulch, all it requires is regular cleaning to get rid of dirt off the flooring system.

You'll be able to prevent contaminants falling into the surface as this might block up the floor and lead to puddling. It’s crucial that you keep the area as clear as you can to make certain it’s safe when you're using it.

For more info on parks and pathways please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our expert team. 

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