EPDM Safety Flooring in Amesbury

EPDM Safety Flooring in Amesbury

We have installed wet pour safety surfaces for many children's playgrounds with colourful graphics which are fun and educational for use in schools.

Wetpour Playground Installers in Amesbury

Wetpour Playground Installers in Amesbury

The rubber surfacing includes a shockpad which stops children from being hurt if they fall over, this is great for use around different pieces of equipment like swings and monkey bars.

EPDM Wet Pour Rubber Surfacing in Amesbury

EPDM Wet Pour Rubber Surfacing in Amesbury

We can install EPDM safety surfacing in the UK to completely transform playground spaces and create a safe place for kids to play.

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EPDM Wetpour Safety Surfacing in Amesbury

Many schools and nurseries now have EPDM wet pour safety surfacing in Amesbury BA2 0 installed in their playgrounds to surround equipment and add a colourful design. This surfacing may be applied by our experts in a wide range of specifications ranging from plain black to multi-coloured.


Please feel free to contact our team through the form if you’d like a quote and some advice about the different designs we can provide. Simply fill in the contact form provided on this page and we will get one of our experts to come back to you right away. 

What is a Wet Pour Surface?

A wet pour surface is a rubber flooring type that looks similar to tarmac but can also come with brightly coloured graphics. This kind of surface offers far better safety qualities compared to tarmac because it’s a great deal softer and spongier underfoot.

This means that children will be protected from injuries if they fall over on a play area. We conduct a variety of services with regards to safe flooring installation for school, nursery and public playgrounds.

Please note, we measure the safety through the depth of the surface and Critical Fall Height requirements. This ensures we meet BS EN 1177 safety standards.

Wet pour rubber surface could be installed for a number of areas including LEAP spaces. A LEAP - http://www.playareasafetysurfaces.co.uk/purpose/leap/somerset/amesbury/ - is a local equipped area of play and is great for kids to play together.

Since play equipment is included in these areas it is a good idea to have a safety surface installed like wetpour.

Rubber Flooring Specification

Wetpour surfacing is a mixture of a polyurethane binder and rubber granules. The EPDM granules and polyurethane binder are mixed together on site and then the play surface is laid.

The wet pour rubber crumb surfacing is built using a two tier design including a shock absorbing base layer and a coloured or black top layer. The shockpad is installed to minimise any potential injuries to kids while they are using the area.

The top layer is the EPDM rubber crumb; this is applied on top of the SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) base to create the wearing course. The wet pour rubber surfacing specification can vary depending on the height of any play equipment within the area. To find out about the spec for your floor, please contact us directly using the contact form.

Please note, the SBR base is not the sub base. A sub base will need to be installed prior to ensure the surface does not collapse. This is usually type 1 stone, macadam or concrete.

The EPDM flooring specification is great for a number of activities including the schools daily mile. You may find out about the daily mile here http://www.playareasafetysurfaces.co.uk/purpose/daily-mile/somerset/amesbury/ Since the surface is permeable the track will not get slippery in wet conditions which means the kids can still take part in the daily mile. 

EPDM Colours and Graphics Near Me

These surfaces are available in a wide range of colours to ensure that you obtain the best design for the play area. Educational games as well as fun EPDM rubber crumb colours and graphics can be placed on to the wetpour surfacing to give youngsters a place that they can play and learn.

The overall appearance and feel of your playground in Amesbury BA2 0 is entirely up to you, ensuring you receive the play surface that you would like.

You can create a unique design for your playground facility which is multi-coloured and has exciting graphic inserts. These preformed shapes come in a number of sizes and specifications to give the children a fun outdoor space where they can enjoy many different activities.

The costs for impact absorbing playground surfaces, will vary depending on your choice of design and the total area size. We can provide you with a quote which is affordable for your organisation and gives you the best play area facility.

Impact Absorbing Playgrounds Near Me

For nearby outdoor play areas with climbing equipment like jungle gyms, impact absorbing playground are really important for ensuring that the facility and its surrounding areas are safe. For more information on playground flooring please click here http://www.playareasafetysurfaces.co.uk/purpose/playground/somerset/amesbury/

The EPDM wet pour safety surfacing is a popular choice in Amesbury, for this as it can be customised with many coloured graphics as well as offering a soft landing.


The different graphics we have available include hopscotch, number grids, letter snakes, targets and many other choices. You can decide on bespoke designs to suit your specific school and the activities you want to offer on playgrounds.

If you have existing equipment like climbing frames or trim trails, the EPDM rubber crumb graphics could be installed to fit around these features.

Wetpour Surface Maintenance in Amesbury

Cleaning and preservation makes sure that any kind of debris and contaminants on the surfacing are removed to stop them from causing issues. It’s important to keep on top of wetpour surface maintenance to ensure the local facility closest to you is safe all year round.

If the debris is well set in, a power spray service may eliminate difficult to attain dirt. The system is fully porous helping to make certain that water will pass through the EPDM flooring.

Cleaning and maintenance helps to ensure that the surface remains permeable as it stops dirt from getting stuck in the pores.

If you notice any damage to your wet pour safety flooring, we can supply DIY repair kits for you to fix small areas yourself as this could be a more cost effective option.

However if there are problems with a large part of the play EPDM flooring, our specialists can complete these repairs. You can find out more about wetpour surface maintenance by contacting our team through the enquiry form provided.

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