Daily Mile Playground Surfaces in Magherafelt

Daily Mile Playground Surfaces in Magherafelt

There are plenty of surface types which we can install for school walking tracks including wetpour, rubber mulch and painted tarmac in a variety of colours.

School Walking Tracks in Magherafelt

School Walking Tracks in Magherafelt

Many schools are now taking part in The Daily Mile to improve children's fitness and activity levels, the brightly coloured markings create a more exciting outdoor space.

Schools Daily Mile in Magherafelt

Schools Daily Mile in Magherafelt

The schools daily mile is an important part of children's health. We can install a number of circuits to improve children's fitness through the daily mile.

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Daily Mile Playground Surfaces in Magherafelt

There are a number of Daily Mile playground surfaces in Magherafelt BT45 8 that we can install for schools who are taking part in this activity each day.

The different flooring types include wetpour, rubber mulch, synthetic carpet and painted tarmac, each of which can be installed to suit your preferences.

Recreational running tracks will often be built around the perimeter of an existing playground or sports pitch to make the most of the space which is already available.


Our team can provide a number of surfaces and many surfaces can be installed. For more information on the surfaces our team can install, please click here http://www.playareasafetysurfaces.co.uk/magherafelt/

Feel free to enquire with our professional team about the various products we offer by filling in our contact form on this page. Once we receive your enquiry we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity with details on the golden mile tracks.

What are Painted Activity Tracks?

Painted activity tracks are now being built so that children have a designated area to complete their run or walk every day. For tarmac playgrounds, coloured paint and markings can be used to create running lanes in the shape of a circuit or meander trail which the kids follow around.

These are made using high durability paint and thermoplastic markings which are available in a range of bright colours.

Through The Golden Mile, school children are encouraged to use a specific period of time once a day performing just one mile of physical activity. This is done by walking or running on a designated area of the recreation space, sports pitch or their surrounding areas.

The idea will be to promote far better physical fitness and health in children while they are going to school.

Wetpour Daily Mile Surfacing Near Me

Rubber EPDM wetpour is another playground surfaces type which is great for use with these activities. Wepour daily mile surfacing is a great choice, since you could choose to have a full playground installed with different coloured graphics and a walking lane around the outside.

This area could then be used for many other games and activities during the educational day. Wetpour is also an excellent safety surface that can often installed beneath equipment like swings or climbing frames to protect young people from injuries.

If the surfacing becomes damaged it is vital that you get it repaired right away to ensure the surface is safe when the kids take part in the golden mile.

For details regarding the repairs, make sure to visit this page http://www.playareasafetysurfaces.co.uk/repairs/magherafelt/ Here you can learn more about the various repairs our team can carry out and the costs involved.

Ensuring that kids are fit and strong really is valuable and it also contributes to tackling obesity issues. However The daily run is far more than simply physical exercise and isn't a sport or part of PE courses.

The goal is mostly about boosting the emotional and physical health of pupils in school. Beginning this at your educational facility will require no cost and it’s very easy to implement.

The activity could be done in school by the parents and teachers as well as it's not simply suitable for the kids. Children of every age group and backgrounds can take part in the activity once a day since it's a very straightforward activity to do.

Multisport Playground Flooring Near Me

A surface which is commonly used for recreational athletics tracks is Multisport playground flooring. This is a strong and durable carpet which will be perfect for activity areas, running lanes and long jump runways.

This specification could be installed to create a full sized sports facility, or for a walking track where the children can complete their run each day. It is available in a range of colour choices so you can choose a bespoke design to suit your education facility.

UK schools who have been participating have experienced much better fitness in addition to an improvement in pupils' concentration levels during the day.

Since the school pupils can concentrate far better, their cognitive learning is enhanced and they can hold on to new information more easily.

It is not only schools in Magherafelt BT45 8 who are able to get involved in running a mile every day, nearby nurseries, playgroups and kindergartens near me, could also participate.

Rubber Mulch Walking Path in Magherafelt

Another popular surface type which is used as Daily mile playground surfaces is bonded rubber mulch. This is made from recycled rubber this is shredded up into smaller particles and mixed with binder.

It is ideal for local schools closest to you in Magherafelt with existing grass pitches as it could be laid on top of grass to create a natural looking track around the perimeter. Rubber mulch is available in a choice of colours including red and green to suit whatever design you would like.


You can find out about the different specifications offered if required. Please click here for more details on specs: http://www.playareasafetysurfaces.co.uk/specification/magherafelt/ Here you can find a number of surface specs, as well as rhino mulch.

It has fast become incredibly effective and that is mainly because of a simple design of the scheme. Running the distance can take less than 15 minutes, so it's not a time consuming task.

Pupils can get the benefits of doing activities in an outdoor environment and socialising with their friends. Your school won’t have to invest extra cash on special products to take part as it's simply running around a big open space.

There is not any competitiveness between the pupils so everyone who runs the mile is going to be a success, which makes it better for everyone. For more info on a rubber mulch walking path, do not hesitate to contact us.

Daily Mile Health Benefits

The project isn't cross country, a PE lesson or a competitive event. Youngsters are participating to further improve their fitness and mood. There are actually a number of daily mile health benefits.

By doing the mile on a daily basis during school, children and parents will discover loads of advancements with regards to overall health. Being focused in classes has increased educational benefits.

The playground activity gives the children and teachers a calm atmosphere where they can be physically active and have some time outdoors.

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